Our Mission

Southeastern Food Supplies mission is to connect people with Quality and Authentic Asian Food

Relationship Based Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff can speak six different languages and uphold a cornerstone of Southeastern’s foundation: business is built on relationships. From our highest corporate officer, to the sales staff, to the delivery drivers, we take pride in knowing our customers. We believe that only by building better relationships can we understand and serve the needs of the customers.

Continuous Innovation

From the way we deliver our goods, to the building of our products lines, Southeastern Food Supplies is committed to continually innovating the business of Asian Food Service. Our warehouse and logistics department are dedicated to delivering our customers the goods they need, when they need it and constantly find new ways to do it better; our purchasing department stays at the forefront of any emerging trends in Asian Food Service in order to provide our customers with products that will enable them to build better businesses; and our Sales team is committed to keeping our customers in informed of all emerging trends or products.

Commitment to Quality

Southeastern Food Supplies carefully selects its vendors and products lines with the needs of the customers in mind. We will continue to find products from around the globe that add value to our customer’s business. It is our mission to provide the customer with products that will improve the operation and value of the overall business.

Southeastern Food Supplies

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